hey chicken x



Hey, we’re Bryan and Michael (and Leo)
aka the beauty and the brain behind Doon Duh Vail co. 

An Irishman and Scotsman walk into a bar, fall in love, move to Glasgow and start a business making hand-embroidered bits. They’ll give you a laugh, and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for your fave sibling, your least favourite co-worker or more importantly for yourself!
Our love for hand embroidery began with our fantastic friend Cat Lobo (who is also an unreal Graphic Designer). Teaching Bryan to embroider a tote bag years ago in a class she was hosting, he began embroidering gifts for family & friends. Falling in love with the craft, and combined with his Irish humour, the gifts quickly became a hit with all receivers. Michael's design background, blended with Bryan's sense of humour and embroidery skillz, and our combined thirst for starting conversations (political, social, ethical or just fucking funny), gave birth to Doon Duh Vail co.
Doon Duh Vail was born from the phonetic spelling of the Irish phrase Dún Do Bhéal [dün-də-vāl] which means SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Combining Bryan's heritage with a literal Scottish spelling of the infamous phrase, whilst simultaneously setting the tone for our products, we birthed the perfect name!